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NEW! "Japanese FRESH Yakitori Platter x  Charoal Strove" is available! FREE Shipping for orders over $600.自家手作 「生」串燒盛合 X 炭火爐端燒正式上架! 購物滿$600免費送貨! 

All the packages come with a one time charcoal stove and our exclusive secret seasoning for you to cook the FRESH Japanese yakitori.  Let's enjoy the cooking experience with us! 所有套餐附送一次性炭火爐端燒,用炭火爐將串燒由生變熟,加上本店獨家秘製的調味料,串燒惹味多汁。串燒唷, 新鮮出爐,熱辣辣先至最好味! 

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